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Language Classes

We provide an innovative Mandarin Chinese language program that is customized to meet your needs. Classes are offered for groups as well as private tutoring. We teach all ages, from preschool to the elderly, with flexible teaching methods that are designed especially for you.

Our instructors are all native Chinese Mandarin speakers with experiences in teaching Chinese Language. They all enjoy sharing their language with their students and will make your learning experience fun and educational.

So whether
you want to learn some simple phrases, or you want to be fluent in Chinese, we can help you to meet & exceed your goals. Our easy, fun & efficient learning approach which allows our students learn fast, fluently and forever. A good teacher will make all the difference.

For the small group classes, the sign up date is on every Monday.

Affordable rate, flexible schedule. Call or email for more information on the rates.

Interpretation and translation

We offer interpretation and translation services over the phone and on site. Documents translation.

Our experienced interpreters will bridge the communication gas.

Math Tutoring

Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center also offers math, SAT tutoring for all ages and different levels at affordable rates. We guarantee that the studentsกฏ grades will be greatly improved.

Chinese after school programs

Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center currently is working with a large number of both private & public schools for after school enrichment programs. Our special, customized, diversity program combines Chinese culture, language, paper cut, cooking, arts and Marshal Arts and much more. Students who have taken the classes all enjoyed the programs very much. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Math Tutoring: After school math tutoring, for any age and any level

Recruit: Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center is constantly looking for teachers who can teach Chinese, Math, arts, Kung Fu, Tai Chi. Or if you think you can teach anything special, please contact with our center.


Ms. Helen Li

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East Greenwich,
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623 Post Rd

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