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Cooking classes

We offer cooking classes in authentic Chinese cuisine. Classes are offered for all ages and for group or private instruction.

Cooking class - Fun and educational!

Special programs for adopted child from China

The instructors at Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center understand how it feels to move from one country to another. We also understand how upsetting it is to the older child who must not only learn to live with a new family, but must adjust to a whole new culture and language. We can help your child adapt to their new country and family more smoothly. Your child will also keep in touch with their heritage with people who cherish and understand it fully. We can teach the Chinese speaking child English as well as help them feel less isolated as they adapt to the new language.
We also offer cooking classes so that you can cook the meals that they have grown accustomed to. This will help your child will feel more at home.



Math Tutoring: After school math tutoring, for any age and any level

Recruit: Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center is constantly looking for teachers who can teach Chinese, Math, arts, Kung Fu, Tai Chi. Or if you think you can teach anything special, please contact with our center.


Ms. Helen Li

75 Brooksde Dr.

East Greenwich,
RI 02818



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