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Chinese Wu Shu (Kung Fu)

We offer classes in xingyiquan, baguazhang, Taichi, Chigong and liuhebafa.


It becomes more and more important

 to find a solution to help with your employeesกฏ stress, , less productivity due to frustration everyday busy work and pressure. Tai Chi, one of Chinese Martial Arts that addresses both the building of strength, flexibility and stability and calms the mind, it will benefit a lot for your company & employees by practicing it. They might notice that they stand taller, have better sleep and experience an overall feeling of calm and more productivity after as little as 6 hours practice, continued diligent practice will yield results far beyond anyoneกฏs expectations.



Math Tutoring: After school math tutoring, for any age and any level

Recruit: Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center is constantly looking for teachers who can teach Chinese, Math, arts, Kung Fu, Tai Chi. Or if you think you can teach anything special, please contact with our center.


Ms. Helen Li

75 Brooksde Dr.

East Greenwich,
RI 02818

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