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China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world today and has a population of almost 1.3 billion people. Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center can help you take advantage of this great new market.

We can help you understand your Chinese customers. Our consultants are Chinese natives who will help you avoid making cultural etiquette mishaps that could be costly (even fatal) to your business.

Chinese workers also have different motivating factors and concerns than their foreign counterparts. Who would understand those factors more than native Chinese workers? We can show you how to communicate more effectively with your Chinese employees to foster better working relationships and productivity.

Communicating in the Chinese business world is quite different than in the United States. Certain business communication in the United States may be interpreted as harsh and disrespectful to the Chinese. We can show you how to say what you need to say but in a more culturally acceptable manner. This will help you better negotiate contracts and market your products.

The native Chinese instructors at Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center have a diverse background. Some have worked at state corporations in China; others have worked in the private sector. However, all of them understand "Guanxi", that is, trusted business relations in a network of friends and business associates in China. We can help you understand Guanxi.

Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center will also teach you all you need to know about traveling to China. We will also help you with Chinese phrases for traveling and booking reservations.

If you like, classes and services can be provided in your place!
Math Tutoring: After school math tutoring, for any age and any level

Recruit: Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center is constantly looking for teachers who can teach Chinese, Math, arts, Kung Fu, Tai Chi. Or if you think you can teach anything special, please contact with our center.

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