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Chinese Culture Summer Camp
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Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center
2008 Beijing Summer Camp

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Where can you study, travel, learn, discover, make friends and explore a new culture? You can do it all at the Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center summer program. For 16 days, students will not only study Chinese language and culture but also take a magnificent and eye opening tour of China.

  The great program combining Chinese language, culture classes, visiting local people with an adventurous tour of China makes our program the most well-balanced language and culture immersion program in China.

  As the capital of the People's Republic of China, Beijing is the nation's political, economic, cultural and educational center as well as being the most important center in China for international trade and communications. It has been the heart and soul of politics and society throughout its long history. Because of its role in the life and growth of China, there is an unequalled wealth available for travelers to discover as you explore Beijing's ancient past and enjoy its exciting 21st Century world. In 2008 when Beijing hosts the Olympic Games, Beijing will show the world something so special that everyone will be awestruck by Beijing's latest accomplishments combined with its ancient history. Therefore, Beijing serves as the optimal environment for the culture summer camp.

Chinese Language & Culture Lesson for these 2 weeks. One hour language class everyday.

·        Chinese painting: Classes introduce elements of the traditional art of Chinese watercolor painting under the guidance of a professional artist.

·        Chinese calligraphy: Classes introduce the various calligraphy styles and features, participants then focus on perfecting one style of this ancient art form.

·        Chinese Marshal Arts: The curriculum will teach students the basic forms and routines of Chinese contemporary Marshal Arts.

·        Meet with local Chinese students.

·        Chinese Tea Arts. Chinese Seal Cutting Arts.

·        Evening activities: In the evening, group outings will take place to see various shows and performances such as acrobatics, Laoshe Teahouse, Chinese movies, Karoake and etc.

·        Excursions: students will tour the famous and historical sights in or surrounding Beijing for the entire day. Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Beijing Zoo, Temple of Heaven, Wangfujing Street, the Hutong Tour, a local school, a local company and a local farm,( fruit picking) are some places the students will visit.

Contact: (401)225-8617 email: helenyangyue@aol.com www.yychinese.com for more information.


Cooking parties at Chinese families at weekend.

Fee: 1685.00  Date: 6/23-7/8/08

The fee covers: Tuition and course materials for all language and culture courses, Culture activities and trips;
Double occupancy dormitory at the foreign students hotel of a middle school. Three meals a day for the duration of the program, Weekend excursions in or near Beijing. Group travel insurance, All admission fees, Airport pick-up and drop-off upon arrival and departure.
24 hour on site assistance. As soon as the campers arrive in Beijing, we'll provide phone cards to them to make international calls to their family members, and they can also access to internet using Yahoo Messenger to chat with their family members.

Personal and miscellaneous charges such as air ticket, Visa application fees, baggage overweight charges, communication bills, laundry, and any type of activity that is not part of the program will not be covered in the program fee. We might book the air tickets together in order to arrive at the same date, and might save some money for the group purchasing.

Medical insurance must be purchased for the entire program. If the student already has a medical insurance policy in place, please make sure the coverage is applicable in China.

Travel visas can be obtained by applying at New York embassy for a fee, we can apply for the visa on your behalf

Application Process

Admission to our program is competitive and space is limited, so we strongly encourage students to complete a finished application as soon as possible. The deadline for applying to our program is April 30. Late applicants will be evaluated only on a case by case basis.

A finished application consists of:

·        Signed application form

·        Signed terms and agreement

·        A non-refund deposit of US$200 payable to Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center.

·        4 color passport photos

We will notify the applicant's admission status one week after both application and deposit are received. The balance of the program fee must be paid in full 60 days prior to the program start date.

·        Please mail the finished application to: Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center.      75 Brookside Dr, E. Greenwich RI 02818

Rules and Regulations, Terms of Service:

All participants must abide by the following rules and regulations. Any student who have violated any of these rules and regulations will be sent home immediately at his/her parents’ expense and will not be entitled to any program fee refund. Any behavior that is insulting to the host country or detrimental to the program will not be tolerated.

·        All private outings outside the campus are subject to prior approval of the Program Director. Generally no student will be permitted to leave the campus (or hotel during excursions) after 10 pm, except in a program event accompanied by Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center staff.

·        Boys and girls are not allowed to be in each other’s private dormitory room unsupervised after 10:00PM.

·        Alcohol or drug possession or consumption is strictly forbidden and will result in dismissal from the program. Student use or possession of controlled substances may be punishable by severe penalties. Students caught with illegal drugs are subject to local laws of China.  

·        No food or meals are allowed in the language classes. Students will only be allowed to bring a light snack and bottled water.

·        Students are expected to complete all work assignments given out by the teachers.

·        Students are expected to be on time for all field trips and group activities. All buses will leave 15 minutes after the scheduled departure. If any student were to miss the departure, he/she must stay back at the hotel.

·        Students must follow all instructions from the Program Director and counselors and are advised to stay with the group at all times.


You have read all the Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center's materials: the program information and forms, policies, and any other information on the website or received from Yang Yue Chinese Learning Centre. You understand and accept the conditions under which these programs will be conducted. You understand that you are traveling to a foreign country, Yang Yue Chinese Learning Centre is not liable for any loss or harm you may suffer on your international travel and participation in this program. You realize that you are responsible for all your actions in the destination country. You are responsible for knowing about and obeying the laws of the country, the regulations in the hosting school, and Yang Yue Chinese Learning Centre is not responsible for your actions.

I agree the rules and terms.

Camper Signature________________

Parent Signature________________


Top of Form 1

application form:

First Name:

Last Name:


Email Address:

Mailing Address (Include country and post code):
Phone (with country code and area code):

Alternate phone (if any):

Fax (if any):

Date of Birth:                                            

Place of Birth: City Country

Nationality:          Other, please specify:

Passport Number (can leave blank, but needed at time of enrollment):

Present Occupation:     

Language Study Experience: (please include the period for each experience)
Overseas Travel Experience:
Any questions you may have?
Where did you find us? (Please be specific, and the name of the source)

Camper Signature________

Parent Signature__________


Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center



email: helenyangyue@aol.com

web:yychinese.comBottom of Form 1


Summer Camp Open enrollment starts now for 2008 Beijing Summer Camp. The deadline for applying to the program is April 31. Click here for details.
Recruit: Yang Yue Chinese Learning Center is constantly looking for teachers who can teach Chinese, Math, arts, Kung Fu, Tai Chi. Or if you think you can teach anything special, please contact with our center.

Ms. Helen Li
75 Brooksde Dr.
East Greenwich,
RI 02818
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